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The Raven Handbook

Discussion in 'Community' started by Crowborn, Jun 4, 2017.

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    Welcome to Ravenheart!

    What you have here, is an overview of Ravenheart – what we were, what we are, and what we aim to become. It is a here you will find details about our history, our vision for our community, and of course the rules that bind us all together. Read away, and take the words to Heart, as most of them are quite important!
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    Our History


    A long long time ago in a world of fantasy and warcraft, there was an order of adventurers who fought long and fiercely to defend the weak and the downtrodden against the evils that scoured the lands. The called themselves The Grey Company, and they carried the name with pride as they strode from battle to battle brandishing mighty weapons and unleashing powerful spells against the forces of darkness. Their enemies crumbled before them, and their campaign was so successful in fact, that the world soon had no more need of them.

    And so the Company broke up.

    Brokenhearted and longing for new horizons the members scattered to every corner of the world. Many were never seen again, yet a dedicated handful of the Grey along with good friends they had made along the way, stayed together, and for a while found new purpose in a strange land of warring guilds and rampaging dragons.

    But as time turns and turns again, the former members of the Grey Company eventually found themselves weary of battle. Swords finally sheathed, and their lust for war abated, they bid their farewells to the adventuring life and set out on a new path.

    Then it was that they stumbled upon the Ravenheart…


    ‘Fly High, Fly Far – And Never Rest’

    Ravenheart started out as a way for people to stay in touch after our guilds broke up in World of Warcraft. We had been playing together for years, and had grown quite fond of each other, and as we sat down together trying to come up with a new name for our group, we couldn’t help but to reminisce. The places we had gone, the things we had seen – so many shared experiences, so much fun, and so many thrills. We were in many ways of one heart, and we all wanted our time together to be evident in the new name. ‘Heart’ and what…? Well, our former server was named after the infamous band of rogues called the Ravenholdt, so it wasn’t a big leap to mash the two together and cut out the middle. And that’s how Ravenheart came to be.

    Longing for new games to play together some of us soon decided to delve into Guild Wars 2. Several months went by with us fighting dragons, sweating over the best specs, and exploring that new and wonderfully crafted world, but after a while our interest in the game diminished, and we quit.

    Time went by with us chatting away on a decrepit old mumble-server, and playing what games we could with each other, but offline life and different interests in games started intervening. Our group boiled down to just a handful of active members and there was only so much we could do in terms of activities. Yet, we never lost the desire to rekindle the Ravenheart.

    Slowly plans started to take shape for how we could get the Heart beating again. One thing that was definitely holding us back were the limitations of our voice-com. It had a very finite array of tools available to its’ users, and we needed more. Only nostalgia and habit held us back, but eventually we dared take the plunge and leave the old ways behind.

    In 2016 we moved to Discord, and almost immediately found it to be exactly what we had been looking for. From the get-go we had big plans for what was going to happen. Plans for events, plans for where and how we could recruit more people, and most of all plans for how to keep the community an active and welcoming place for all our members.

    Soon our roster more than tripled in size, and we found ourselves surrounded by people from across Europe – people who quickly became friends and who shared our passion for gaming. Events started happening again, and lots of fun was being had. The Ravenheart was certainly heading in the right direction, and we couldn’t help but smile at what the future might hold.

    The road has now been paved, and we must continue to follow it. It’s a never-ending journey full of excitement, and Ravenheart will grow with each step we take. Here’s to hoping that you all will join us on this exciting adventure, and help shape our community into a place of wonder. We promise it will be time well spent.
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    Our Purpose


    ‘Good things can come easily. All you need is faith and perseverance.’

    From the very beginning it has been our intention and our desire for Ravenheart to be an open and welcoming community for everyone - a warm and comfortable online home where you can hang out and chat with people who share your interests, and where your thirst for gaming will be satisfied.

    We regularly host events, our chat-channels are quite busy, and we usually have people looking for companions to join them in various games. Here you will find a lot of activities, and hopefully some that will keep you occupied till late at night.

    However the most important thing is of course not the games we play or the events we organize, it’s the people. We want everyone to be able to expect a positive experience when playing or interacting with other members of this community. We all play games for fun and that is something we want everyone to recognise and accept. Maintaining such an atmosphere is a responsibility we all have, not just as top-down policy from the admins but as a structural thing, with everyone who joins agreeing to this shared value and set of expectations.

    We ask everyone who becomes a Raven to accept a simple ground rule: Have fun and be nice.

    We don’t play just to win. We don’t play to make each other’s lives miserable if we lose.
    This rule sets the norms and expectations. If someone is a toxic influence and thus is not upholding their end of the bargain you can point out to them the primary purpose of this community, and the central rule that they also agreed to. Never settle for a negative experience, and if we all do that you won’t ever have to.

    Be a good friend, be a good Raven, and you shall be eternally welcome amongst us.
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    ‘Without order, there is chaos. And we don't want that, do we?’

    We have several roles for our members here at Ravenheart. Some only exist for administrative purposes, others just for fun, but we still find it necessary that our members know how most of them work.

    First of all, ranks on our Discord-channel are the same as roles on our forum, though permissions may vary slightly. Regardless of ranks though, all our members can invite new people to our community, and everyone is allowed and indeed encouraged to create events.

    Secondly, some ranks are only given as rewards for competitions, or to signify certain traits of a specific member – the latter usually upon request.

    Following is an explanation of the primary roles within Ravenheart:

    Architect: With voice of booming authority, and hands of tender grace, the Architects are the rulers of our destiny, and ultimately decides the fate of Ravenheart. They also work behind the scenes to create the structure of our Discord-channel and forum, and spend much time fretting over coding to provide our members with a streamlined experience.

    Warden: Serving as guardians and protectors of our community, the Wardens are ever vigilant, and tasked with moderating our text-channels and making sure things don’t get out of hand. Each Warden has a specific job within our community, and also serves the Architects as advisors from time to time.

    Raven: Usually seen picking at the remains of fallen warriors on battlefields throught the lands, the Ravens of our community are of a somewhat different breed. Members of this role are people who have proven they belong at the Ravenheart, and are trusted and contributing members of our society. As such, they have the permission to invite new people to our community, make custom emojis etc.

    When you become a Raven, you are expected to understand and live up to the words in the section on Our Purpose, and additionally we require you to make an introduction post in the #introductions channel on our Discord server.

    Freeman/No-rank: Yet to make up his mind whether he wants to stay at Ravenheart, a Freeman (no-rank) of our community is indeed free of ties and obligations. Once he realizes the greatness of this place, he should ask to be promoted to the Raven rank, to show the rest of our members that he truly belongs amongst us.
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